RockTopo.org is an open-source climbing topo project.

Climbing Topos are available for download and personal topos can be published.
All our topos are under the Creative Commons License CC+ and free for private use.
Our CC+ is a combination of CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0/4.0 + SLA - Source License Agreement.
Any form of commercial use is prohibited. This includes private websites with commercial
banners or any other commercial activities. Please have a look at our wiki pages and read
more about the Creative Commons License and the Source License Agreement.

Our basic file format for topos is .svg - Scalable Vector Graphic - an open standard 
developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) since 1999. It is the perfect format 
for "Topographics". 

We prefer topos as .svg but we know that not everyone's topos are .svg files. Most topos 
are hand drawn with pencil and paper. But don't worry, we take "hand made" topos as well
as digital ones. We hope the community helps to convert all hand drawn topos into .svg files
because this is the only effective way we can modify, redesign, or update climbing topos.
To do this, we can recommend an excellent Open-Source Vector Graphic Tool called
Inkscape™. We also provide some tutorials, as well as some example files and templates
which will make it very easy for you.

Be part of this Open-Source Project and help or donate. Thank you!

Climbing is potentially dangerous. We assume no responsibility or liability for the completeness
of the topos and routes. The use of topos and other information is at your own risk.

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